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Game Shooting Tuition.

Game shooting can be an expensive sport and it certainly makes sense to devote some time to improving your shooting skills before going to the field. At best, it can be embarrassing to shoot poorly in the company of Guns who are doing rather better, at worst, not knowing how to handle a shotgun safely endangers yourself and others.


I can provide you with a comprehensive introduction to shotgun shooting and game shooting, as well as offering my experience and advice on such things as buying a shotgun, suitable clothing, the itinerary and etiquette of a day's game shooting. It makes perfect sense to arrange for tuition at a clay shooting ground, where clay targets can be used to simulate game birds.


Professional coaching is not just of benefit to those enjoying their first days in the field, experienced shooters will benefit from a pre-season refresher. Improving visual focus, target acquisition, foot work, mount, swing and timing you be better able to deal with the more elusive birds.


I can teach the relevant shooting method for the type of quarry being presented, as well as safety hints that will ensure that you and your companions have a safe day. If required I will also help you with the etiquette required for you to gain the maximum enjoyment.



Fees - Pre season Shooting Instruction from £100 per session plus Clays and Cartridges



This poem explains perfectly the etiquette and safety.


A Father’s Advice


If a sportsman true you’d be

Listen carefully to me. . .


Never, never let your gun

Pointed be at anyone.

That it may unloaded be

Matters not the least to me.


When a hedge or fence you cross

Though of time it cause a loss

From your gun the cartridge take

For the greater safety’s sake.


If twixt you and neighbouring gun

Bird shall fly or beast may run

Let this maxim ere be thine

“Follow not across the line.”


Stops and beaters oft unseen

Lurk behind some leafy screen.

Calm and steady always be

“Never shoot where you can’t see.”


You may kill or you may miss

But at all times think this:

“All the pheasants ever bred

Won’t repay for one man dead.”


Keep your place and silent be;

Game can hear, and game can see;

Don’t be greedy, better spared

Is a pheasant, than one shared.



Written by Mark Beaufoy J.P., M.P.

December 1902 for his son Henry Mark Beaufoy

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