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Clay Shooting Tuition.

Regardless of age or gender, as long as you can safely hold and guide the shotgun, then you can take part in the sport with proper instruction. You may want to just 'Have-a-go' with friends, something you will talk about for years to come.


My aim is to have a novice quickly breaking clay's. You may aspire to take up the Sport competitively and progress to the higher levels. 


For those of you who have already taken up the sport, I can improve your skills.



'Shotgun Skills' on Range Lesson - for beginners and novices as a follow up to the online presentation.


One to One Tuition  - If you wish to learn at your own pace or simply wish to shoot with tuition or following a course, or to address any issues affecting your performance as you progress with your shooting experience.


Eye dominance management, visual acuity, gun fit, stance, mount, efficient and safe gun handling skills and shooting routines. One to One Instruction, guidance and mentoring is suited to both Clay and Game Shots. Video analysis can also be available up on request.


Group Tuition - Group shooting is enjoyable and sociable. Less intense than One to One Instruction but  with the added benefit of also being able to stand back and watch. This Instruction, guidance and mentoring is suited to both Clay and Game Shots.


Sessions unlike Shooting schools where you are crammed into a rigid hour, are spread across a morning or afternoon. Giving time to chat and discuss as well as shoot.


Fee - From £100 per Session (up to 2 hours), excludes Clays and Cartridges.


All personal protective equipment is provided, as is gun hire, where required.


Field and Clay Shooting Services offers the CPSA Academy certificated Basic 'Shotgun Skills Program' (updated 2017) This is a structured course for new and novice shooters, recognised by the sport's governing body, firearms licensing authorities, as well as affiliated and registered clay shooting grounds. Safety, etiquette, gun handling, gun fit, eye dominance, chokes, proof, shotguns and the law, insurance etc. Followed by some shooting.
The knowledge based Basic 'Shotgun Skills' presentation can now be attended online,followed up with on Range Lessons at a local shooting ground. Recommendations can be given.

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Clay Target Shooting..... a sport for everyone

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